Our Purpose

The Scottish Volunteering Forum is a collaborative group of volunteering leaders representing cross-sector organisations that are committed to developing and improving volunteer participation in Scotland. We exist to influence the strategic landscape and champion innovative approaches using our collective intelligence and expertise.

About Volunteering in Scotland

In 2017, about 28% of the adult population in Scotland volunteered, contributing approximately £2.26 billion to the Scottish economy. Despite, this, some individuals and groups still find it harder to access volunteering opportunities or just haven’t even considered it as an option.

The rates of volunteering across the whole Scottish population have now been static for many years. All the evidence tells us that volunteering rates need to increase if we are going to make Scotland a happier, healthier and more prosperous place to live.

Volunteering brings enormous benefits and enjoyment, not only to beneficiaries, but to communities, and to volunteers themselves. We know that among other things, volunteering increases social and civil participation, empowers communities, and reduces loneliness and isolation. It can also improve mental and physical health, support the development of job and life skills, and foster a greater sense of belonging.

Aileen Campbell MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Communities

What We Do

We believe volunteering should be accessible to all, regardless of backgrounds or perceived barriers. To increase the number of people realising the benefits of volunteering in Scotland, we need to change the narrative. It needs to become a social norm to volunteer, where opportunity or expectation is not limited by upbringing and social circumstance.

We facilitate thematic discussions so that a wide range of cross-sector organisations can share their volunteering experience and expertise, and use the intelligence gathered to influence the strategic landscape.

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