Consultation Responses

Consultation Responses

The Scottish Volunteering Forum periodically responds to consultations which are relevant to volunteering in Scotland, utilising the views and experiences of our members. Below are some of our responses for you to download.

Thematic Discussions

The Scottish Volunteering Forum have committed to hosting discussions on a range of themes to inform the implementation of the Volunteering for All Outcomes Framework. These discussions are attended by a range of key stakeholders, including volunteer involving organisations, intermediary bodies and representatives from the Scottish Government. On this page you will find the summary … More

Scottish Volunteering Forum Publications

The Scottish Volunteering Forum has produced several documents in recent years to promote volunteering in Scotland. Invest for Success was produced in November 2018 by the Funding Sub-Group of the Forum. It provides guidance to volunteer involving organisations, funders and fundraisers on resourcing volunteer involvement. So What? was produced in November 2018 by the Impact … More

Updated June 2021: Open Letter to VIOs in response to Covid-19

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have endorsed the letter below along with a range of partner organisations. This letter was updated in June 2021 to reflect the vital role of volunteering in our recovery from Covid-19. It encourages organisations not to cut volunteering resource and staff. Please feel free to download this letter … More